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1976 Champion Detroit Lions
Congratulations to Todd Cichon and his Detroit Lions, winners over the New England Patriots at the Orange Bowl in ODAFL Super Bowl I, 24-13
regular Season Ended
 ODAFL Overview
>20 teams
>Draft league
>Salary Cap
>H2H Online Play
>1977 DKS Season Next - 10-month league calendar
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 The ODAFL has 4 vacant teams
San Francisco
St Louis
 Game File: Sundays @ 12 PM ET
 Trades: Saturdays @ 12 PM ET
 FA Signs: Saturdays @ 12 PM ET
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 Commissioner: Pat Crew
 Trade Committee: TBD
 Rules: Pat Crew
   Trade Forum: Report and Confirm your trade details here.
   On the Block: Trade discussions, needs, players available.
   League Rules: League Rules Discussions.